When you lease a season pit for duck season, that pit is yours and yours only. 100% PRIVATE! It is up to you on how many times you wish to hunt it. Welcomed to hunt it all am and all pm when you are hunting your lease! When you select a lease, we do a two installment method. First installment due at signing (1/2 of price) and final installment due by September 1st (1/2 of price). Pits deposits are non-refundable and are on a first come, first serve basis. Pits will be 100% gone by April 2019 on average. We start leasing pits February 6th, 2021!

ALL LOCATIONS ARE CONSISTENT 250-500 BIRD PITS ANNUALLY. Our blinds are proven to kill birds whether in rice or beans. Results will very upon number of times hunted per season, Arkansas weather, skill level, and number of decoys used. We harvest the field, set up the levees, and pump out the pits in October. All you are responsible for is the camouflage on the pit and provide your own decoys. We do the rest! WATER IS GUARANTEED since we pump from the ground!

*Discounted lodging will also be offered to each annual pit leasing party at 2 hotels in Jonesboro, AR within approx. 15 minutes of your pit location. We can get rooms for approx. $40-45 / night for 4 guys (about $11.00 person). We do this as a convenience for your party to save money.

Call Zach @ 870-897-3066 or Spencer @ 501-944-8007 to reserve your pit today!




CASH, AR LEASES (10 miles west of Cash)

*Pits are located close to Crain Farm and the Cache River.

Cash River Slough Blind

Pit size: 16 ft. (6 man blind)

Field Type: Slough off Cache River

Acres: 30

Water: Included with Lease

Price: $6500 - Available – Now Showing

Cache River Slough Blind.jpg


GRUBBS, AR LEASES (2 miles north of Grubbs)

*Pit are right off the famous Cache River.


Cotton Trailer South Blind
Blind size: 24 ft. plus dog box (8 man blind)
Field Type: Rice projected
Acres: 30
Water: Included with Lease
Price: $7000.00 Available - Now Showing

Cotton Trailer South.jpg

Grubbs River Field and Timber Combo
Field Size: 160 Acres

Pit Sizes: Three Pits - 12 ft, 12 ft, 16 ft

Field Type: Rice

Water: Included with Lease

Timber: 1 Big Hole

Blind Size: 6 man
Acres: 20 Acres
Water: Included with Lease

Price: $20,000 Available - Now Showing

Field And Timber Combo.jpg


AMAGON, AR LEASES (8 miles east of Newport)

*Pits are located next to the famous Cache River.


HWY 14 Powerline Pit
Pit size: 14 ft. with dog box (5 man pit)
Field Type: Rice
Acres: 100
Water: Included with Lease
Price: $6500.00 Available - Now Showing

Amagon HWY 14 Pit.jpg

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