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When you lease a season pit for duck season, that pit is yours and yours only. 100% PRIVATE! It is up to you on how many times you wish to hunt it. Welcomed to hunt it all am and all pm when you are hunting your lease! When you select a lease, we do a TWO installment method. First 50% installment due is when you select your lease. The final installment due by September 1st (final 50%). Pits deposits are non-refundable and are on a first come, first serve basis. Pits will be 100% gone by June on average each year. We start leasing pits February 8th, 2022!

ALL LOCATIONS ARE CONSISTENT 300-700 BIRD PITS ANNUALLY. Our blinds are proven to kill birds whether in rice or beans. Results will very upon number of times hunted per season, Arkansas weather, skill level, and number of decoys used. We harvest the field, set up the levees, and pump out the pits in October. All you are responsible for is the camouflage on the pit and provide your own decoys. We do the rest! WATER IS GUARANTEED since we pump from the ground!

Call Zach @ 870-897-3066 or Spencer @ 501-944-8007 to reserve your pit today!

Now Reserving Leases For The Arkansas 2024-25 Duck Season!


Call NOW ore EMAIL to reserve your lease for the Arkansas 2024-25 Duck Season.

870-897-3066 (Zach)


We are now taking deposits for the 2024-2025 Pit Lease Program!

You will be guaranteed a lease and will be able to pick from 35+ different locations around March 15th in 2024.

A $1500 deposit IS REQUIRED to be added to our list and that deposit is credited to your lease amount in full. This also ensure you are a serious group.

Deposits are being taken NOW.

Pick dates and Deposits: March 15th-2024. When you select your pit in march, the rest of the 50% deposit will be due to get you to 50% paid of the lease.

Locations: All duck pit lease locations are by the Famous Cache River, Bayou Deveiw River, Llanguille River , and Claypool Reservoir. Towns in our areas include : Cash, Amagon, Grubbs, Harrisburg, Otwell, Waldenburg, and Weiner Arkansas.

Harvest info: All leased pits will produce between 300-700 ducks annually each.

Pit sizes: Pit sizes range from 5 man -7 man pits. Some have double dog boxes, all have at least 1 dog box.

Pricing: All leases will range from $7500-$11,000 annually each. Variables include cost to flood and size of pit for the pricing differences. Some fields cost more to flood. Larger pits can hunt more guys. ALL leases are in chosen, high bird traffic areas that we have farmed or owned for the last 22+ years.

Contact info: Call Zach at 870-897-3066 to do your $1500 deposit to get on our 2024-25 pick list. We will do 20 total groups then will consider the list full.





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